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Consolidating services

I spent the holiday week having a good hard look at the services we offer and have decided to reduce the number of different technologies we currently support. With that in mind we will no longer be promoting the likes of Twitter and Facebook automation .but will be focussing our attentions on those that we feel are our strongest.

The site will be updated over the next week to really show the work we do with low cost business websites, our website management service and Voice/SMS along with the new emerging work in Smart Speaker technologies.

This industry moves ridiculously fast and it is hard at times to keep up with the latest trends and focus on the important and most useful things for small business owners, that however, is what we shall be doing. We’re taking a punt on what we believe will be the technologies small businesses can make best use of and focussing our work on those.

What’s that saying again “Jack of all trades, master of none”? Well in this business it really does make sense.